B&P Shipping offers also the following services:

Warehousing / Storage & Distribution.

Export- and/or import customs formalities.

Worldwide deep sea shipments.


Get a variety of value added services based on your specific requirements.

Our alternative is based on highest level in performance, flexibility and quality, of which the latter aspect has our full attention and priority.

In today’s transparent market one can only distinguish oneself with a high quality approach combined with an “old-fashioned” commitment and dedication to the customer.

We have proven to be a reliable partner offering a high quality service.

Our office is situated in Ridderkerk, only a few kilometers from the Port of Rotterdam.

Please feel free to contact us for rates and additional information
BP Shipping
B&P is specialized in door to door transportation throughout Europe and offer customers an efficient network supported by a network of partners.


  • Norway
  • Sweden
  • Finland
  • Denmark
  • UK & Ireland
  • Spain & Portugal
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